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Published Jul 04, 21
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All of the same principles will be used and assessments the same. Look for that quick volume spike towards the last 15 minutes of the day and catch the move. A bull flag or descending wedge break out will be two of the easiest patterns to see thanks to all of the info from that day’s session.

Being with a good broker will help on this negative though. A fast and accurate order fill will be the biggest key factor for scalping the end of day session. To learn more check out our stock training to learn many of the different patterns in the market. Overall just make sure to use good risk management.

Experience does help and as always I recommend paper trading before any live action is taken. Trading with a plan and protecting your capital will be the top skills needed to grow your wealth; which is developed with paper trading. To learn more about trading styles and patterns check out our live trading room.

What Is The Best How To Get Stock Market Alerts Via Sms

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End of day trading takes place the last hour or two of the trading day. Trading power hour stocks is a lot of fun! End of day trading is also known as “the power hour”. The best time of day to trade are at the open and near the close.

Power hour stocks have the potential to be lucrative when traded correctly. From 9:30 to 11:30 there is a lot of liquidity in the market. Then it slows down until power hour. Specifically, traders consider Power hour from 3pm-4pm. Sometimes around 2:30 traders start to come back to the market though because they want to get setup for the end of day moves.

Power hour is considered between 3:00 PM EST to 4:00 PM EST. These hours are when traders come back from lunch and try to make end of day profits and enter into new positions. When trading, less is more. Over trading is a thing you should avoid. The same goes for boredom trades.

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If you follow us in the trade room (we have live streamers almost all day) you’ll note that with the moves we point out in a stock chart, there might only be 1 or 2 really good entries and exits in a intraday chart. Read below and I’ll list my favorite power hour stocks.

After the first hour and a half of trading, the stock market slows way down. Traders take a lunch and leave the trading to computers. The volume goes way down at that time. You need to understand what volume mean in stocks to truly understand how important it is. Specific hours provide the best trading opportunities.

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In order to do so, it isn’t about patterns and support and resistance but also timing. Have you ever tried to trade in the middle of the day? Stocks trade sideways and volume is really low. It’s like watching paint dry. As day traders that is really painful to be apart of.

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If you day trade for a living, then you get a nice break in the middle of the day. Imagine if you got to take a good break working an office job. You’d be out of there napping or running errands. You wouldn’t stay working if you didn’t have to.

Take a break and don’t force trades. Trade the open. Then trade power hour. Power hour stocks aren’t hard to find and end of day trading has good setups for whatever style of trading you excel in. Check out our day trading course if you want more trading. Ending the Day Without Positions in Power Hour Stocks Unless you’re swing trading stocks, you’re going to close out your positions.

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As a result, if you took a position before trading slowed down, then you’re going to want to close it out before the end of day. That means come 3pm, traders want to get out of positions. Another thing to consider is that anyone wishing to avoid the PDT rule will come in to buy a stock to hold over night.

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Another great part of swing trading is allowing traders under the PDT rule to get around it. The PDT rule limits the amount of day trades you’re allowed if your trading account is under $25,000. Any trading accounts under $25,000 get 4 day trades in a business week. As a result, you can be limited in your trading.

If you find a good setup, you can buy during the end of day trading and sell the following day. As a result, there’s a lot of potential in getting a better entry than people who get into the stock the following day. It’s important to remember that news can affect the direction of a stock overnight.